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Define Success In Your Family

Welcome to Positive Pathways PLLC, where we are dedicated to helping families navigate challenging times and find positive solutions. We provide Family Based Services using a team approach working with Families, Guardian ad Litems, Social Workers, and other Services Providers throughout different counties in the state of Minnesota assisting families in preparing future-focused plans to resolve issues and create support plans.

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Family Group Decision Making


Supervised Parenting Time

16 Panel Drug Screening

Parenting Coaching


Safe Exchanges

Parenting Time Expediting

Custody Evaluations

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We believe in the power of unity, connection, and belonging. Our mission is to build bridges within families, break down barriers that impede growth, and foster a sense of belonging for every member of your family. We are dedicated to providing exceptional family services that support and strengthen your family’s bonds. We are here to support you in creating a harmonious and thriving family environment where everyone feels valued and cherished.

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Breaking Barriers

Belonging Together

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